Montrose Music 
                Historic House Concerts

Our Mission

   The Montrose Park Historic District, in South Orange, New Jersey, comprises a remarkable collection of residential architectural treasures.  Set on verdant winding streets, and gently lit by Victorian gaslight, these grand homes evoke a time gone by - a time when musical performance, among many other things in life, was a very different experience from what it has become today.

    Recorded music, in its myriad forms, dominates our musical experience in the modern world. It’s hard to imagine, any longer, a time when “live music” was just “music” - a phenomenon at a unique point in time which could only be experienced through the physical act of going to hear it made - or, of course, by making it oneself, with family, friends and neighbors.

    The trending popularity of “house concerts” in recent years reflects a happy rediscovery of the forgotten joys of intimate live musical performance. Unlike the sometimes sterile experience of hundreds of strangers in a concert hall, small domestic venues create an informal atmosphere that permits comfort, refreshment, social interaction, intellectual discussion and inquiry, in addition to the ineffable thrill of shared musical performance made by actual voices, warm breath through wood and brass, and strings bowed and plucked by actual souls with beating hearts!

     We live a mere 20 or so miles from the greatest musical city in the world - how fortunate we are to have superb venues available to us!  But we needn’t always go to Lincoln Center, for the artists dwell among us. The great rooms of our special homes offer ideal conditions for musical events.

    Our diverse and rewarding careers in New York have brought Robin and me in touch with so many vastly gifted colleagues - we are so proud to present events featuring the finest exponents of concert as well as traditional repertoire. Great music, presented within the exquisite interiors of these remarkable homes, creates a symbiotic joy like no other (especially when paired with a decent glass of wine). Please join us and our neighbors at one of our upcoming events. We promise you a memorable experience!

Yours in music,

Paul Woodiel and Robin Zeh